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The UCB Theatre is the greatest producer of comedic talent in America today and the Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company brings the very best of our theatres in NYC and LA directly to you
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Getting out of your comfort zone, taking risks, is what life is. If you’re not good, who cares? You got out there and tried.
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We know Mondays are tough but you know what would make them less tough? Watching some seriously funny UCB Comedy Originals, duh!!  

Our name in lights

Our name in lights

Checked out the UCB Round Up yet? Matt Fisher’s guest this week is Brian Faas from The Law Firm! Watch it, love it, comment on it, repeat.



Sketchy Advice: A new segment from UCB Comedy. Established sketch writers from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre offer sketch students advice on being creative, the writing process, and adding to a writer’s room.

This week’s featured writer is Glenn Boozan, a writer for UCB’s Maude team

Glenn is a writer’s room goddess and we should all listen to her every word


New clips New clips

Meet Abbi and Meet Ilana


Just in time for awards season, it’s our #TBT UCB Comedy Original: Wig Awards. 

Forget the Oscars! Who’s this year’s Best Wig in a Drama?

(via ucbcomedy)

(via ucbcomedy)


This week, we let Amy and Tina take over EW — and they clearly took the job very seriously, as you can see from their opening letter to readers:

"If you are reading this ‘Letter From the Guest Editors,’ it probably means you have read all the other parts of the magazine at least five times and are in some kind of isolated and desperate situation. If it’s a bathroom emergency, try elevating your feet on an upturned wastebasket. If you are in the trunk of a drug lord’s car, try doing that thing Walter White does where he throws chemicals at the ground and they explode."